Tower Safety and Instruction
USD 135.00

101_ Wireless Cell Tower Inspections

This is the introduction course that will help you identify what the customer is needing, sample audit forms, list of tower owners, insurance, and overall perspective of the wireless profession.

USD 300.00

Competent Rigger Webinar

• Knowledgeable and competent of properly using rigging at a worksite.
• Understands the operations and limitations of the equipment, including the crane dynamics involved
• Ability to bring attention to un-safe or hazardous conditions

USD 20.00

Lock Out - Tag Out

Employers are also required to train each worker to ensure that they know, understand, and are able to follow the applicable provisions of the hazardous energy control procedures: Proper lockout/tagout (LOTO) practices and procedures safeguard workers fro

USD 55.00

RF Safety Awareness

RF Safety Awareness Certificate of Completion

USD 49.99

Scope of Work Tutorial

You will learn what you can do to prevent payment problems in the future! You will learn how each member of your team will be part of the solution to getting paid and not doing extra work without seeing the change order prior to doing the work.

USD 55.00

Spanish RF Awareness - Conocimiento español de RF

El curso de sensibilización está destinado a los trabajadores de comunicaciones inalámbricas que trabajan con antenas transmisoras de radiofrecuencia. El propósito de esta capacitación es educar a los trabajadores para que puedan controlar su ex

USD 44.95

The 5G Deployment Plan Handbook

Covers the 5G deployment of macro sites, small cells, LTE-U and even CRAN and c-RAN. It’s more than deployment, it’s the foundation for the business case because 5G will enable more people to deploy in the US than just the carriers!

USD 4.99

Tower Climber Log

Do you log your time?
Many tower site workers think that if they log their time on their company timesheet is good enough. Is it? If something happens, can you break down your travel time and your high time?

USD 39.99

Wireless Deployment Handbook

The LTE Wireless Deployment Handbook. The LTE small cells, CRAN, and DAS edition.

Courses offered by Tower Safety:
RF Awareness, Authorized Climber, Competent Rescuer, Competent Rigger and Train the Trainer for both RF and Climbing.

Cell Tower Inspections 101(Introduction into Wireless):
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