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Scope of Work Tutorial

  1. The SOW beginning, what you should open with I the SOW.

2.      Scope of Services and/or deliverables – this section goes over details of what the customer is to expect, step by step.

3.      Milestones are the points where you complete a specific task which could be for payment or to track progress.

4.      Service location – this section is to define where the work is to be done and if any travel expenses need to be covered.

5.      Supplier responsibilities set the expectation of the services your company, the supplier, is to do.

6.      Assumptions are put in here since you expect the customer to have some equipment ready, or to pay when a milestone is completed.

7.      Deliverables – what is your deliverable and how do you get paid for it?

8.      Exclusions are also in here to help you define what you won’t do.

9.      Customer responsibilities need to be defined so that they know what to do, like pay you!

10.   Acceptance and Compensation section explains how to lay out the acceptance plan and when you should be compensated.

11.   Changes in scope, like a change order or modifications.

12.   I added a section about personnel, other documents, and sign off in case there is no contract between you and the customer.

13.   What are you Doing? This section is to help you review what exactly it is that you’re doing and if you can do it and what the customer should do.