Tower Safety & Instruction

Tower Climber Log

You should keep logs for several reasons.

  1. To show the boss your high time and drive time.
  2. To have a record of what you did in case they don’t get paid.
  3. To keep a record of what your time to show OSHA how long they are in the air or how many hours of windshield time they have.
  4. You want to show future employers the projects they worked on.
  5. You want to know exactly who was on the tower site when they worked for a specific customer in case there are problems.

Does any of this ring true for you? Now, when you look back over your years of service, can you prove it? Do you trust your boss to keep the log for you? You know the only way it will be done right is if you do it yourself. So do it. Log your time! Get the logbook today! Document your high time, your drive time, your on-site crew, and your customers. Without a logbook, you have no proof, only what you remember off the top of your head. That may not be good enough for OSHA.